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Large Number of US Troops in Europe COVID Carriers, Returning Home Untested

March 23, 2020

20,000 American troops were exposed to COVID 19 in Europe.  Most returned home untested.  One unit was tested, and is now in quarantine, 2600 of them.  The Pentagon decided it was, as usual, above the law. source:

Who Controls WHO?

March 23, 2020 - ". . . we are adding the video exposing the Director of the WHO as a Deep State operative who has done everything possible to make COVID19 a successful pandemic.  Watch the video and you will learn why." VToday

Who controls the World Health Organisation - Tedros Adhanom - Get a load on this guy

In late October 2019, the Pentagon sent 369 American military to Wuhan to participate in military games. China says they brought the virus. Russia says (unconfirmed) that 67 of the Americans in this group died of unknown causes and the Pentagon is covering it up.

US Army/Israel using Low Dose Sarin Gas to Supplement CV19 Deaths: Russia

March 23, 2020 - VT: Low dosage Sarin gas was tested on the New York subway system more than a decade ago.  People got sick.  We believe that test and others along with studies listed below and information from Senate hearings provides sufficient backdrop to support what everyone is coming to see.

It isn’t just Italy, New York is an epicenter too and it isn’t simply CV 19 but chemical weapons that mimic the disease, according to highest level intelligence sources.

Defense experts are seeing a targeted biowar on China, Italy, Spain, Iran and left-leaning political regions of the US.  We will now discuss our findings.

In advanced nations, the overall death rate compared to those identified as infected averages under 1%.  In Italy and Iran the rate is many times that and the reasons given are fake.  Both nations have very advanced medical capability. -