United States Treads On Beijing’s Red Line In Taiwan – WASHINGTON FLOODS TAIWAN WITH WEAPONS

April 6, 2022 - The United States treads on Beijing’s red line and continues its military supply policy in Taiwan. This is the third supply in three years. Exactly fifty years have passed since US President Richard Nixon’s visit to China. That meeting between Nixon and Mao Dse Dong paved the way for stable diplomatic relations. Since then, one of the crucial issues has been the status of Taiwan. Thus, the Beijing government is on alert. In recent weeks, a delegation of former US officials led by Admiral Michael Glenn Mullen has arrived in Taipei. A clear sign of support for Taiwan that Beijing has described as “useless”. Now, China is contesting the US State Department’s decision to authorize the supply of military equipment to Taiwan for $ 95 million. Comment: There is a question and suspicion that there are US Pentagon bio-labs in Taiwan. SouthFront