ADS and Fillers


Jan. 28, 2023 - Comment: "I don’t speak Russian I love my country USA I have never been to Russia but I like what Putin is doing… it’s a spiritual support one cannot explain We are with the Light. The Ukranazis and western leaders are with Darkness." by: Vlad THE Sanctions Impaler

Preparing Food For Long Term Storage

Art – The Expression and Manifestation of Perfection

Form, movement, proportions, music are all being fed into our being as information. They all have subtle to profound impact on our physic realm, however many are unaware of the extent of impact.


You will not hear this on Western media.

Pressure Canning In the Instant Pot Max

Biden’s Grandstanding, Tulsi Gabbard Reacts to Biden’s Story Telling (Lies)

Dec. 31, 2022 - Former Democratic lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard reacts to President Biden telling lies during this speeches on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'