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  • An image or representation of someone or something.
  • A small-scale simulacrum of a skyscraper
  • An "unsatisfactory" imitation or substitute.
  • A bland simulacrum of American soul music

The Simulacrum (a simulation) is a construct among many which is neutral - which does not deal with bad nor good. The avatar's nervous system is highly connected to this construct. When the central nervous system is disconnected - you will escape the simulacrum - this is witnessed in NDE (near death experiences). The problem is that this particular simulacrum was unfortunately damaged. Video segment:

You Were Born Into A Prison

It is a world that hasΒ been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth. You were born into a prison, that you can not smell nor taste nor touch.


Bible Verse that Was Edited to Hide The Truth About Your Powers

Having your own powers, you would not need the Church. Those who denigrated the writings in the Bible were tasked in keeping mankind in slavery while at the same time relegating us to being sheep (followers).

Comment: The Bible was intentionally manipulated to steer the masses to thinking they needed to gain access to an external force in order to be saved and to fulfill their needs and desires. In addition to the books in the Bible being changed by either insertions of omissions, the Bible also teaches the right lessons for the wrong reasons.

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Ettore Majorana