Gluten Free (no wheat) Cereals


Arrowhead Mills

This is great tasting organic breakfast cereal is a much better choice than corn or wheat flakes

Not all products from Arrowhead Mills are recommended.

What Are Gluten Foods

When you have finally realized that wheat in not only bad, it is damaging, you look for alternatives. I strongly suggest you also stay completely away from corn. Over 85% of the corn is harmful and these man made proteins will alter the DNA within your organs. Your body will start to manufacture and mutate these foreign proteins with their built in toxins. So stay away from products which contain both wheat and corn. This becomes more dramatic if you are carrying a child.

A caution about gluten free products

There are poor choices and substitutes for wheat in products with the Gluten Free label, they are: tapioca or corn flour. These are cheap ingredients and are bad carbs.

A caution organic, it must state 100% organic.

Organic is allowed GMO where 100% organic has no GMO.

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