How To Exit This Matrix

Before you can attempt to exit this matrix, you first must learn what you are trying to leave.

How to Free Yourself From The Slavery Into Which You Were BORN

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The Garden of Eden – Very Different From What the Bible States

The Anunnaki within the garden of Eden combined their genes with ancestors of human beings, creating a hybrid and a submissive race at their command  At first, the genetic fusion did not go well. Strange beings came to life, like the [popup_trigger id="40981" tag="button"]Nephilim giants[/popup_trigger]

The Ultimate Prison- Earth

Is it possible that Earth is in fact an entire planet somehow captured and turned into a multi-dimensional prison, entrapping not only the physical bodies of the humans but also their souls?

A very cleverly crafted system where the beings here get brainwashed and programmed to go to the “light” after death. This “light” is some kind of dimensional/spiritual technology that captures the souls then re-cycles them right back onto the Earth through FORCED re-incarnation. The system is so sinister and crafty from all angles that until now it has been very difficult if not impossible to escape from. (A possible explanation to Earth’s overpopulation of human souls, capturing not only our souls, but those of passing or visiting ETs). source

How To Exit The Matrix

-Watch your actions, reactions, thoughts, and words. We are creating our own reality. Our words, thoughts, actions, and imagination are way more powerful than we realize. Being cognizant of where our energy is “leaking” will starve the dark ones who rely on our negative energy. source

The Creation Of Man By The Anunnaki

The true Anunnaki account of the Biblical events in the Garden of Eden showing the conflict between Enki and Enlil

In this entry we explore the suggestion made in Zechariah Sitchin’s idea that the story in Genesis in the Bible is actually about the creation of Humans by a group of Ancient Astronaut Aliens called the Anunnaki.

In books such as The Lost Book Of Enki, Sitchin gives an interpretation of the Genesis Bible story of the creation of Humans as really showing how Humans were created through an Ancient Astronaut Genetic experiment conducted by a Race of Extraterrestrial Beings known as the Anunnaki.


"The mystery of human existence lies in not just staying alive, but in finding something to live for." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

You Were Born Into A Prison

It is a world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth. You were born into a prison, that you can not smell nor taste nor touch.

Steps to Remote Viewing