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LEARN TO VIBRATE CORRECTLY | Anything Can Be Created With The Right Energy

April 6, 2023 - The Universe has a certain purpose. It desires to determine your true intentions, whether you genuinely want something or if you're merely feigning interest.
Based on teachings from Spirita Vivo Channel and Neville Goddard. Knowledge Words

The Universe Will TESTS YOU BEFORE Your Manifestation Works, Here Is How!

April 5, 2023 - "The universe does not grant us what we want but instead provides us with what we are."  Knowledge Words

This Is Why Seeking Enlightenment Is BLOCKING YOU

Once you become aware of your enlightenment, you'll realize that you have always been enlightened. This isn't a new discovery, but a recognition of what has always been present. Knowledge Words


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Realize This Practice And Shift Your Reality NOW!

April 5, 2023 - Knowledge Words

ESCAPE The Minds Reality

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Once You Unlock This Chakra, Reality is Yours! | Dr. Robert Gilbert

In this video, Dr. Robert Gilbert, a leading authority on subtle energy and vibrational techniques, shares his wealth of knowledge on one of the great lost secrets of all personal development and all spiritual development which is the concept of strutting subtle bodies. further he discusses about activating the entire heart, to become the organising centre of entire body of energy and activating assemblage pain of the heart. Clarity Coaching -Transforming Lives