The Silva 3-2-1 Method

Question Yourself About Reality

Bob Proctor

"Most people are reactive to life, they are not really living at all."

I Finally Activated It, My Life Changed Forever…(third eye)

The Silva Method in Action | Laura Silva

The Silva Method in Action: Revolutionary Mind-Power Techniques for Personal and Professional Success is an exciting live instructional video that will teach you how to reach beyond your conscious thoughts to gain access to the powerful alpha level, the realm of your mind where your imagination works most creatively!

Through Laura Silva’s expert guidance you’ll easily master the remarkable Silva mental techniques. And with the exciting graphics, animation, and audio/visual reinforcements, this program is truly user-friendly.

You’ll learn how to:
●Utilize seven key Silva Techniques
●More fully develop the powers of your brain and the capabilities of your mind
●Access your own alpha level at will
●Solve problems faster and achieve your goals more easily
●Make every aspect of your life more productive and less stressful
●Revitalize the power of your memory and remember things quickly and easily.

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VISUALIZE it and it MUST happen – Dolores Cannon

Definition of Oversoul

A supreme reality or mind; the spiritual unity of all being. Dictionary