The Law Of Assumption

How The Law Works: Meaning and Definition

Firstly, it’s important to understand what this law actually means. Goddard teaches that the way to create anything you desire is simply to assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

The reason is that nothing exists outside of your own consciousness, and your entire experience of the world is a symbolic representation of where your consciousness currently stands.

To change anything in your life, then, you have to change the beliefs and assumptions you hold about it.

Furthermore, everything that you experience is a result of your changing consciousness, so Goddard teaches that changing your assumptions, and assuming the presence of your desire, is the only thing that will bring about your aim. Action is irrelevant, since action itself is a symbol of your state of mind. Your shift in consciousness is the only thing that matters.   TheJoyWithin

The Law Of Assumption – Do Not Ask, Assume That It Is Indeed Done

Added: Jan. 25, 2023 - The video is a testament on manifesting a condition. Elmer O. Locker jr

This Law of Assumption Cheat Code got me Everything in 2022

Normalize your Desire. And you will have it. When we become aware of deliberate creation, we are often coming from a lack filled life. So we put our desires on a pedestal. Which is why they stay out of reach. In this video, I will explain how I overcame this hurdle by "Truly" apply the Law of Assumption. Stellar Thoughts

The Law Of ASSUMPTION | Neville Goddard (how to use it)

Added: Jan. 25, 2023 - To clarify because someone pointed out. Your subconscious mind soaks in any information you give it, but it's being limited by what goes in based off your ego and then your critical divide (some call it the same thing) both are run off your subconscious beliefs from growing up. Once you change your subconscious your ego/critical divide will begin to alter itself to match. So it goes [new desire]- EGO- subconscious. Once it's in the subconscious long enough and has made enough neural connections for it to be considered "true" things will automatically manifest and your new "Ego" will block out anything opposite to this. Your job is to get past the gatekeeper, by masking your audio, or listening to the audio while you sleep. I hope that helps 🙂Manifest Yourself