Ukraine Crime With the US Assistance

The TRUTH Is Coming Out In Ukraine And Zelensky Is In Deep Trouble

Jan. 25, 2023 - A dozen officials in Ukraine have resigned in a large-scale corruption scandal that involved politicians accused of all number of unsavory things, worse during wartime. Officials were accused of bribery, mismanagement of aid, embezzlement, and driving expensive cars that a government salary should not afford, all during a war that has devastated the economy. This is not new. The government of Ukraine has been this way for decades. Former President Kravchuk was known to drive a Mercedes that would take 136 years to pay for on the Presidential salary. What is new is the West pretending that they did not know this about Ukraine. They've known. And they still open their wallets to support a war that is killing Ukrainian people and enriching Ukrainian politicians. President Zelensky said this week that supporting Ukraine is a "big business" opportunity. Is that why they do it? see:

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The amount of corruption takes on new levels. Millions are unaccounted for while Ukraine's high level officials living lavish lives.

Zelensky's governmental officials have either been relieved or dismissed.     (video segment)

Zelensky's governmental officials have either been relieved or dismissed.    (video segment)