US Civil War

Wild West Without a Sheriff? The Setting Up of a US Civil War

Sep 15, 2020 - America's militias are feeling empowered and emboldened - they are coming out of the shadows in a way that I have never witnessed before.

Over the weekend, in the city of Louisville in Kentucky, different groups collided in a chaotic display of non-state armed power. Strikingly, the police, the National Guard and civic leaders were nowhere to be seen for several hours. In other words, the competing militias had the run of a major American city. It was like a scene from the Wild West, but without a sheriff in town. One militia leader is Dylan Stevens, known as the Angry Viking. He sees himself as filling a security vacuum following a summer of protests and of sporadic violence in a number of US cities. • Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: • Get breaking news and more stories at

All-Black NFAC Militia Members March on Lafayette in Armed Rally

A black militia group, the Not F***ing Around Coalition (NFAC), assembled in Lafayette, Louisiana to protest police violence. The demonstration comes amid growing racial tensions in the United States.

Several hundred black-clad NFAC members, many of them carrying assault rifles, paraded through Lafayette on Saturday. The column included people wearing body armor and other tactical gear.

The march was held to seek justice for Trayford Pellerin, a black man who was shot and killed by Lafayette police in August. The militia was also reportedly motivated to hold a rally in the city after a Louisiana congressman allegedly threatened them in a Facebook message.

The Steps to a Successful Start of a Civil War This November

The 7 pillars of a Color Revolution (Part I)

Forget about party, this is the process to initiate a Civil War. It has been tested and improved in other countries (Libya and Ukraine to name a few) under the banner of "Color Revolution."

"When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil." Thomas Jefferson

How to Remove Dust Mites From A Mattress Fast

Have you ever heard the expression “sleeping with the enemy?” Well, we actually do sleep with the enemy, and most of the time we don't even know it. Mites are extremely small bugs that live in our mattresses, pillows, and bed sheets.