Practicing The Law of Assumption

You Will Master the LAW OF ASSUMPTION Once You Understand This

March 21, 2023 -

Why Do We Need To Practice How to Assume What We Desire?

Knowledge is not enough we must do practice throughout the day - daily. The magic is not the power of affirmations or assumption but incorporating these deeds of uplifting conditions within this cosmos in a daily routine - unobstructed and with focused intensions. The daily practice is most challenging (the discipline of allocating time) without ANY distractions is where the root of the magic can be found.

Secondly: How to actually do the practice. Our subconscious has comfortably adapted (programmed) to what it has known since you were a child, that assuming things to be fixed or indeed manifest just by desire or assuming it to be true- is absolute non-sense or fantasy. The mind understands prayer, that by asking a higher power for something will increase your chances. Practicing the power of assumption will automatically bring doubt (this will creep in while practicing and throughout the day) that assuming that a desired outcome has already been achieved. You will have to overcome this deep seeded thinking of opposition. A young child most likely would not have this fight (within the subconscious) and could readily use the power of assumption.

Thirdly: Fighting the Adversary Within: As mentioned above there is continuous opposition (with the adversary within) to this belief of assuming what you desire has already manifested itself - been fulfilled. The mind (subconscious) is set to automatically fight against this reality you present. The mind defaults on thinking it is not true. The process of practice is conditioning the physical body, subconscious and the mind. Most who start this practice will stop because (a) they are easily distracted, (b) they are not receiving the results (because they are not consistent in their practice). They will honestly admit this.

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